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Thai, with its characteristic chromatic variations, evokes the enchantment of the natural process of ancient Bali Stones which, thanks to water corrosion, create a marvelous play of colors with incredible shades of emerald green, slate gray, rust brown, and blue. The graphics, rich in detail and tones, best represent the different veins, shades, and structures present in the original stone, conveying a sense of connection with nature. Thai thus takes up the beauty of this magical natural stone, hardly available, reproducing it in porcelain stoneware that adds its own advantages of strength and durability to the aesthetic charm of this multicolored stone. Offered in two color variations, IN+OUT, Thai will be a true and impactful design element. The GRIP finish is highly suitable for outdoor use, and in pools, it will create spectacular reflections from its colors, making us feel immersed in the splendid and paradisiacal Indonesian waters