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Who we are

Our company

Paul&Co Ceramiche

Thanks to the vision of the MoMa Ceramiche Spa group’s ownership, a leading European producer of ceramic wall tiles, Paul & Co Ceramiche was founded in 2009, challenging an economic period that was certainly unfavourable to the birth of new businesses. The project is entrusted to its creator Paolo Nardini who, thanks to his thirty years of experience, develops it on the basis of a very clear mission: to offer quality, design and service by making the company’s claim: “Beauty within everyone’s reach” a reality. To date, our formula has proven successful, rewarding our work with constant growth that has given us the confidence to confirm and develop our goals. Initially, our core business focused on double-fired ceramics, but later the group also experienced strong growth in the production of porcelain stoneware, allowing us to successfully increase our offer in this sector as well.

We love to present complete “in&outdoor” collections to our customers, accompanied by multiple finishes ranging from decorations, to mosaics, to special pieces, to give ample space to a fashionable and easy-to-make design choice. The care and passion that we invest in our commercial decisions is the same as that which we adopt with our customers, who have rewarded us with their loyalty over the years. The professionalism of our team, combined with the fact that we put our hearts into what we do, is what makes us a reliable partner that is always prepared to develop a strong collaborative relationship.

Our Made in Italy products
For us, Made in Italy is the irreplaceable synonym for innovation, creativity, craftsmanship, technique and guarantee for product quality. It is the sum of all the knowledge we put into the field to create products that are aesthetically appealing and technically advanced.

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