“When you’re not content, when you look but cannot find…when you want More! Stopping at the station, mesmerized by the metallic flashes of the tracks and carriages, in a place where time seems to stand still despite the kaleidoscope of people and colors bringing it to life, ideas spring to mind that take you back home. To your new home. Just how much time have you spent looking for something that would breathe life into your home environment—something modern and out of the ordinary that would allow you to revamp your walls in a completely unique way. More! … At last, YOUR house is ready to welcome you every time you return home!” Utilizing the most advanced digital technologies, surfaces in the More series are bathed in sophisticated lighting effects, using a sequence of matte and lightly metallic graphics to create an elegant and contemporary effect. Rectified 60×120 porcelain stoneware is also available as a wall covering, thanks to its marvelous designs that range from textured foliage to rich, glittery floral patterns, from geometric shapes to abstract forms, created with flair and attention by our expert designers.



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coordinated wall tiles

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